When I decided to become a freelance copywriter, I knew I would need a name. I didn’t just want to call my business after myself. Personally, it didn’t feel like the right thing to do. I spent a few nights brainstorming ideas by myself, with my husband and with friends. I wanted it to convey who I am and what my values are which is quite a large undertaking. Then there had to be symbolism.

As an ex-English teacher symbols and metaphors are vitally important. I can never just take anything at face value. So using my enthusiasm for literary techniques, I decided to go to my favourite books for inspiration.

This treasured list of reads varies wildly from the scarily prophetic A Handmaid’s Tale to the sublimely bonkers “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles”. Neither had the message I wanted to express. To Kill A Mockingbird has always been on my top ten list. I studied it at GCSE and have re-read it countless times. The film is awe-inspiring and I was incredibly fortunate to see a live production of it at the Royal Exchange in Manchester that actually took my breath away. I knew I had found my inspiration.

Words have meaning

From that moment, I knew I was looking at the mockingbird. Mockingbirds symbolize communication. This is what I was solely basing my business on: being able to communicate. Mockingbirds can replicate the sounds of other creatures. I can replicate the voice of a brand and sing it loudly and clearly for all to enjoy. They are joyful birds and, when they come into your life, they are encouraging you to stop and think about how you view the world. I hope businesses and brands I work with stop and consider how they are viewed and how they want to be viewed. As a copywriter, the mockingbird is the perfect symbol.

Fundamentally, the novel and everything it stands for represents me and who I am. I believe in delivering the truth and ensuring that goodness is seen in people. This is what I do for the brands I work with and I will continue singing their songs.

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