Like a lot of you, I have been feeling slightly lost for words over the last few weeks. My social media channels, for this reason, have been quieter than usual. However, three weeks into lockdown, I am starting to want to become visible again.

It is important to stay visible during these times even if you are not trading. Social media isn’t where you clinch a deal. Social media is where you build and nurture relationships. It’s where you build online friendship and support others. So, it may feel inappropriate to ‘SELL SELL SELL’ currently, but it is important to reach out to others.

How could I be using social media?

Introduce yourself

Scroll back through your social media channels. When was the last time you revealed your face? You are the heart of the business and people are interested in who you are. Don’t be camera shy. Find a picture of you and caption it with some facts about yourself. Ask people to introduce themselves back and you will begin to start making new connections.

Share the love

There are many ways you can support businesses and one great way is to share their posts. Sharing other people’s blogs, articles, information is a great way to show that you are a team player and that you support your online community.

Think about the hashtags

Do you consider the hashtags you use when you post? You should. Many people follow hashtags and who knows who might see your post. Likewise, do you follow hashtags? Get relevant and find hashtags that relate to you and your business. Go and see what is being posted and start commenting on posts you like. Who knows where starting a conversation will lead?

Inspire and Appreciate

Find a photo you love. Find a poem that resonates. Find a music clip that makes you dance. Share it with your followers, and tell us why it inspires you. Reminding yourself, and others, what inspires you may be enough to ignite the spark back into your own creativity.

Be honest

No one is asking you to overshare. You don’t need to discuss your deepest and darkest secrets, but people are drawn to honesty. If you genuinely don’t think you have anything relevant to say (which is probably untrue), be honest and tell your followers. Nine out of ten of them are feeling the same way and will appreciate the fact they are not alone.

The key thing to remember is that everyone is in the same boat. Nobody really knows what is going to happen when we return to normal. There is definitely nothing wrong with staying quiet on social media during this time, but it is the perfect time to reach out to others and build networks that could be supportive when businesses reopen.

To start you off, come and find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and say hello.

And if you want to discuss your social media content further, send me an email.


Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash