As I have gotten older, I realise that many of my frustrations with work are normally due to something not aligning with my own core values. It shocks me that it took me almost 40 years to actually sit down and identify those values. They had always been there, but I hadn’t fully realised that they were driving me in a certain direction.

Values are essentially those things that are most important to you. They influence our behaviour and attitude meaning we are what we think. We can’t pretend to be something else. Authenticity is an attractive quality and in a world of fake news and digital echo chambers; people are striving to find authentic people and businesses.

So, what are your values?

Adventure. Achievement. Creativity. Family. Justice. Respect. Competition. Teamwork.

Do any of these words resonate with you? The list goes on and on. Think about what drives you in both your personal and work life? Do you thrive under pressure? Do you love competition? Are you a collaborator, a team player? All these things help you to establish where your strengths lie and what you can offer other people.

Are these values reflected in your business?

I am positive you will answer yes to that question. Why wouldn’t they be? It is your business built around your values. But, are these values clearly communicated to your clients and customers?

When I begin working with a business, I ask them to give me three or four words they feel reflects their business values. It helps me to understand why that business began and what it is striving to achieve. Then we read what has already been written. I look at webpage copy, social media posts, printed leaflets and see if I can find those words in the writing. I look to see that those values are being seen by potential customers.

A lot of the time, I can’t find them.

People connect with people. They don’t connect with products. It’s up to you to connect and show people why your product is the one to choose. And that is why you must be able to communicate your values through your marketing materials.

It is vital that you spend the time reflecting on you and your values. They change over time. Currently, family is at the core of my values. Being present for my two young children is extremely important to me and I am very honest about this. People respect this because many of my clients can relate to this. But that obviously hasn’t always been the case.

Ultimately, you want people to visit your website. Read your blog. Engage with your social media. How do you do that? Display your values. Make it clear what your purpose is and what drives you and you will find the ideal customers and clients.

Want to make your values clearer to read? Get in touch and let’s have a chat.