Independent businesses in Stockport

Living in Stockport, I am very fortunate to have a vast array of independent businesses on my doorstep. Driving through suburbs such as Heaton Moor, Gatley and Bramhall, their centres are thriving. Bars, restaurants, gift shops, boutiques all stand proudly next to each other proving that entrepreneurial dreams can come true.

Stockport is clearly a place that is beginning to understand how the high street has changed over the last few years. And, although, it may feel like it has lagged behind other areas of the country, I feel that it is making its mark.

Here are my recommendations for so amazing independent businesses in Stockport:

Bibita Gatley – a fantastic, welcoming bar that also serves the most amazing pizzas.

Mummies Matters Pilates  – I can’t recommend Susie highly enough. An advocate of women’s health, Susie runs pre and post-natal Pilates classes where you can bring your baby along whilst you strengthen your core. She is based in Heaton Chapel.

The Mounting Stone – I know they are a client, but this brewpub in Bramhall is exquisite. Andrew, the owner, successfully raised funds to open a micro-brewery at the back of the pub. The locals love this place and it just gets better and better.

The Savoy Cinema – Based in the heart of Heaton Moor, I watched this cinema lovingly restored to its former glory. It was popular before the refurb, but these days they are queuing out the door.

Angkor Soul – You wouldn’t expect to find a Cambodian restaurant in leafy Marple. You certainly wouldn’t expect to find a Cambodian restaurant with a record shop in its basement. But there is and it is worth the drive into the hills just to try their Royal Amok.

And obviously, if you are an independent business looking to update your website or wanting to blog more about what matters to you, give me a call and we can meet in one of the many local, independent coffee shops close by.