Call to actions help people know where to go

You’ll hear many a marketing wiz talk about CTAs or Call To Actions. These magical calls to action that lure people into your business lair.

How do you write a Call To Action that has those clients charging towards you like they are in a Curry’s on Black Friday?

  • Simple copy works best. Short sentences. No jargon. Clear instructions.


  • Add a little bit of persuasion to get them wanting more.
    •  Offer them a deal they can’t resist
      • For the most relaxing time of your life, book a reflexology session today.


    • Create a sense of urgency 
      • Remember, my prices are increasing next week, so book now to get the best price.


    • Or provide a little FOMO by telling us about what other people did.
      • Thousands of customers all benefit from our personal service and you can to by ordering here.


  • People want an easy life, so make your call to action easy to complete. If I have to fill out three forms, get photo ID and a note from my Dad, I ain’t going to do it. Tell them the process is quick and easy and you won’t be pestering them afterwards.


  • If you have a sales funnel or several actions you want your potential clients to do, take them through it step-by-step. Don’t throw all the instructions at them in one go. Have it all set up.
      • So you want to learn about this? – click here to read my article. Now you have read my article, you realise you need to speak to someone? – click here to book a free call.



These are not magical sentences that have the power to control. They should provide a benefit for the reader, but people will still ignore them.

But some won’t. And when that person appears wanting to know more, wanting to use your business, you will keep them there with a clear, forceful instruction that guides them easily to where you want them to go.

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