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How is everyone? I don’t think we can over-ask that question at the moment. I feel like it is my mission to check that everyone is doing okay.

As I type this, there is light at the end of the tunnel with talk of a vaccine nearly ready. Fingers crossed.

Lockdown may have closed physical buildings, but businesses have still been working hard with many pivoting and developing a stronger online presence. It’s been a lot of hard work and the uncertainty 2020 has brought with it has been concerning to say the least.

So, here I am again, hoping to spread a bit of positivity and let you know more about the amazing local businesses we have on our doorstep.




CBD products sold in Stockport

Leaf Organics turned 1 this week! I want to congratulate Michelle for having such a fabulous year. If a business can survive 2020, it can survive anything! Well done, Michelle!

I am passionate about the power of CBD. Having spent numerous years working in the CBD industry, I decided to harness this passion, and I founded Leaf Organics. Our mission is to bring you the finest, premium vegan organic CBD products.

Leaf Organics products

What got me interested?

I like to consider myself fit and healthy and believe firmly that we have to take care of both our mental and physical wellbeing. I began to use CBD products and discovered its beneficial effects first hand. From there, I have invested a lot of time researching the science behind CBD. Understanding how CBD positively reacts with the body and mind helped me to create a range of premium CBD products.

CBD  has shown to help with many things, including:

Anxiety & depression






Auto-immune conditions, such as fibromyalgia  and MS


Leaf Organics CBD Products

Our raw CBD oil is sourced from the USA, which has been grown in the best possible conditions. I like to compare it to wine production.  All raw ingredients in our tincture oil are of the highest quality. This ensures they offer the best absorption of CBD.

If you are interested in CBD and how it can help you, I am always on hand to offer advice and information that can help you get started. I can suggest the best products and offer guidance on strength and dose.

Come and join our friendly Facebook group where we offer help and advice on everything CBD.

For more information, check out Michelle’s website and social media channels.


Social Media



I’m Becky and I help small business find their authentic brand voice – one that sings their own tune. If you want to be noticed online, get in touch.



Decluttering in Stockport

Decluttering and Organising – It’s a thing!

I’ve always been an organiser of some sort. It stems back from when I was little and watching my mum organising things all the time; trips to the theatre, holidays, gatherings. However, I never anticipated being a professional organiser and declutterer myself. Growing up, I had no idea there was even such a job that existed.

I worked for 15 years in the event industry – organising and managing events big and small – and eventually running my own agency. But when I fell pregnant with my eldest, I quickly realised that I wasn’t going to be able to continue working quite as I had in the past. I wanted a business that would allow me to work around my children and one that I still loved.

Initially, my goal was to create a service helping SMEs create better working environments and processes whilst in the early stages of their businesses. This would then allow growth to become much easier for them moving forward. When you’re not surrounded by constant chaos and ‘stuff’, it becomes much easier to work and more streamlined.

Sorted Before and After Picture

However, my clients have had other ideas. My work quickly moved into mainly residential work, although I do still work with SMEs too.

I aim to create systems, processes and spaces that continue to work for my clients going forward – not to create beautiful spaces (although I do love doing that). My mission is to inspire, motivate and declutter as many lives and businesses as possible.

When lockdown first happened, my working world shut down overnight. I went from being booked up nearly two months in advance to nothing.

However, the first thing I started to think about was all the people who had small (or big) issues with their home spaces that were now going to be stuck in them 24/7. When you’re surrounded by something that bugs you, it can quickly escalate into something very negative. So I set up a Facebook Group –Let’s Get Sorted! – that offered small achievable challenges people could do in their homes to feel more confident and in control of their spaces without providing too much overwhelm. The group is still going and growing but offering more tips, advice and discussions as well as challenges.

I’m now back to working in people’s homes helping them with a whole array of things from downsizing, re-organising rooms and spaces, paperwork and, in the run-up to Christmas, helping to prep the house for Christmas and all it may bring this year.

To see Sian in action, head over to her social media channels.

Instagram: @iamsorted

Facebook: @homeandofficesorted
Facebook Group:
contact: / 07790009432


Mockingbird Writing writes blogs, social media content and website copy for businesses like the ones included here. What’s your message and how are you going to project it to the world? Get in touch to find out more.


Andy presenting The Skoop

Hey, I’m Andy McAnally, presenter and producer of The SKoop, Stockport’s very own independent podcast and Founder and Race Director for McA Fitness & Events.

I’ll start with the simple stuff. I’m a personal trainer by trade, and as part of my role within my last gym job, I established a pool triathlon and duathlon series to help motivate members. Fast forward 5 years and my career has moved on (now in a serious corporate job), but I continue to provide accessible multisport events locally.

I offer Go Tri events, which are short, achievable, accessible, fun and friendly. My mission is to help as many people try triathlon as I can and inspire people’s sporting journeys.

Andy in action at one of his events

But that is not the only string to my bow.

My first love was radio. It was always a dream to work in radio, and I studied radio production at university. That dream never faded, I just fell into full-time work, and my life moved on. I got to a stage, I suppose, where I realised I should have become a tea boy at 16 and forgone university.

However, this all changed when an old university colleague set up his own audio production company two years ago. He inspired me again and together we hatched a plan to produce a triathlon podcast for absolute beginners, something to help inspire, educate and entertain.

Then lockdown hit…

Bitten by the bug, and with some free time on my hands, I started The SKoop. The mission here was to help provide a voice for as many local business owners as possible – those struggling due to lockdown, the ones without a shop front and even the ones with a shop front. On my street alone, there are at least ten businesses. Take the whole of Stockport, and the vast array of independent businesses working hard is phenomenal.

The first episode aired on all podcast platforms in May 2020 and 6 months later it is continuing to grow listener numbers. I have interviewed some great characters, with thriving businesses, and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so.Andy broadcasting

Life isn’t quiet with a day job, two kids and two businesses.  I still love training and listening to audiobooks and podcasts so you’ll rarely catch me without my headphones in my ears or around my neck. With any spare time I’m lucky to have, I love nothing more than supporting local businesses by having breakfast, coffee or beer with family and friends.

To find out more about Andy’s triathlon events, head to one of the links below:

And for the Skoop, click below:


And because it is my blog, and I can do what I like, here is the link to my episode of the SKoop!